Saturday, January 27, 2007

smile )Hi,Robyn! (yah,i choose No.1) I'm very glad to share my idea with you .

what we chinese students care about the most of a cellphone is how much it costs . So i would recommand that our company should develop a particular type of celllphone ,which is very cheap enough ,

so that every student will get the desire to buy and use it .

Now(add a simple gesture), let me show you more details of my idea . i gave our product a special name - "circulating (flowing) cellphone" . It is a very practical type of cellphone , no music function, no camera and no games to play ,it is specially used for making phone calls and texting messages .

What makes our product profitable by providing such few functions , and why we have to keep our cellphones "circulating"? Let me elaborate on it . As i said above , our cellphone is especially used for making phonecalls and texting massages, thus, we can cut short our cost price . Then , the price of this newly type of phone will be very cheap enough that almost every student can spend 10Yuan(RMB) ,20Y,OR 30Y to buy a new phone . Extremely-low price is not the only attractive factor , but also there is no limitation of time when costumers are making a call .YAH,they can talk whatever long as they like in each calling. However how many times of making calls and texting messages are previously limited by the cellphone network system .

We sell products , and recycle them . When cellphones seem useless to our customer ,we build up recyclilng system to call them back by encouraging our consumers to return cellphones ,paying him or her a little money , maybe 1Y each . Two benifits from this action , we can save our environment meantime . We'll reduce a considerable amount of money that always spend on purchasing raw material.

Yah,that's it. Extremely low price and no limitation of time to make a single call, will certainly lure a lot of customers to purchase our new product. What's more , we keep our products "circulating" , which is not only help us save the cost price but also help save the environment at the same time .

It's a creative idea , right?

Pre-Question :

⒈special function of the new product → <calls and messages>

⒉how to make it profitable → "circulation is profit"

⒊any possibility to pollute our environment → <recycling system>

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