Saturday, January 27, 2007

smile )Hi,Robyn! (yah,i choose No.1) I'm very glad to share my idea with you .

what we chinese students care about the most of a cellphone is how much it costs . So i would recommand that our company should develop a particular type of celllphone ,which is very cheap enough ,

so that every student will get the desire to buy and use it .

Now(add a simple gesture), let me show you more details of my idea . i gave our product a special name - "circulating (flowing) cellphone" . It is a very practical type of cellphone , no music function, no camera and no games to play ,it is specially used for making phone calls and texting messages .

What makes our product profitable by providing such few functions , and why we have to keep our cellphones "circulating"? Let me elaborate on it . As i said above , our cellphone is especially used for making phonecalls and texting massages, thus, we can cut short our cost price . Then , the price of this newly type of phone will be very cheap enough that almost every student can spend 10Yuan(RMB) ,20Y,OR 30Y to buy a new phone . Extremely-low price is not the only attractive factor , but also there is no limitation of time when costumers are making a call .YAH,they can talk whatever long as they like in each calling. However how many times of making calls and texting messages are previously limited by the cellphone network system .

We sell products , and recycle them . When cellphones seem useless to our customer ,we build up recyclilng system to call them back by encouraging our consumers to return cellphones ,paying him or her a little money , maybe 1Y each . Two benifits from this action , we can save our environment meantime . We'll reduce a considerable amount of money that always spend on purchasing raw material.

Yah,that's it. Extremely low price and no limitation of time to make a single call, will certainly lure a lot of customers to purchase our new product. What's more , we keep our products "circulating" , which is not only help us save the cost price but also help save the environment at the same time .

It's a creative idea , right?

Pre-Question :

⒈special function of the new product → <calls and messages>

⒉how to make it profitable → "circulation is profit"

⒊any possibility to pollute our environment → <recycling system>

I , Robot –The Day Of Tomorrow

Many high-tech components become smaller and smaller, ever faster and cheaper. Like almost as easy to assemble a computer it is to assemble robots. The United States has developed a large number of automatic weapons and machine. After decades they are expected to be put into use on the battlefield. Robots, seeing a day, "Star Wars" scenes of war may become a reality.

At the alarming rate our technology is developing , especially in the scientific field of artificial intelligence , our modern world even the future life will be tremendously changed in a way which our latest technology apply to us human .We will be surrounded by some kind of manlike creatures ,they are robots .Robots can bear inhospitable conditions that we human cannot bear , do things that we human cannot do , such as diving deep into the sea , or repairing the skyscraper by affixing to the outside wall like spider-man . What’s more , they can even “accompany” us ,they talk to us , comfort us , play games with us ,as much like as a person . How can you imagine that will happen ? But indeed and inevitably and definitively that day will be part of our life in the coming future.

You may wonder if robot will replace humankind by using their “super” power one day? In my opinion , this sort of anxiety is groundless . It is us man who creates them . we can apply robot cameras for eyes , a sturdy body , flexible arms , and hands complete with five fingers , but the most essential part we cannot implant into a robot ,is “complexity” ,which I mean a “brain” sophisticated enough to think by itself . Certainly by this kind of brain , we can create ,and this is called “creativity” . On contrary , robot is just a

Product of our creativity , and it is precisely programmed to do what we want it to do . we may be lucky that robot cannot think by himself .

As long as robot cannot teach himself , the doomsday of human beings

Will never come .


Give me cloud ’ , a famous remark in the best ever making film <Aviator> .

Have you ever heard about Howard Hughs ? If you not , just let me have a introducion of him .

Howard Hughs , an american ,who is one of the 20th century’s most compelling figures . He was a wily industrialist , glamorous movie producer and unstoppable American innovator – but he thought himself first and foremost as an aviator .

<Aviator> , this movie is a biopic of the aviation pioneer Howard Hughs . It focuses on the most

prolific period in the life of Hughs . the mid 1920s through the 1940s . A time when Hughs was directing and producing Hollywood movies , as well as test piloting his own groundbreaking aircraft . Hughs , orphaned at age 17 , was the son of Texan inventor , who left him most of his multi-million dollar tool company upon his death. At the time , he was a college student at Rice Univ. From there , he moved to LA (los angeles) to become a movie producer , helping fledgling actors to launch their career , such as Jean Harlow ,whom he cast in his famous airwar movie <Hell’s angels ><地狱天使> which laterly became a huge hit . Later in Howard Hughs’ career , he branched out into industries , such as electronics and most significantly aviation . His company , Hughs Aircraft , laterly had grown into a great giant in the aeronautical area . The movie also detailes Hughs’s romance with Ava Gardner and Katharine Hepburn , and his longlasting savage battles with Pan Am (Pan American World Airways) .Despite everthing he does , Hughs cannot stave off the encroaching madness . What’s worse , his mental deterioration with his obsessive-compulsive behavior seemed to lose out of control . However he achieved all his ambitious goals at last – to fly the fatest plane ever built , make the biggest movies and become the richest man in the world .

Now , do you get the desire to see this wonderful movie <Aviator> ? To our delight , a world famous actor , also a very handsome young gentleman , Leonardo Dicaprio is taking this challenging role to add his magic charm to this marvellous movie . Up to a point , with admiration , this is one of the year’s best film . So , just go to the cinema and prepare yourself for the ride of the lifetime of this billionaire , genious , madman .

Charles Dickens is the master of humorous writing . In describing the plight of anguished life, he will not forget all the fun and nature ,thus forming a unique style-"tears in laughter".("笑中带泪"的创作风格) With a skillful use of language, he often seize an action ,an appearance or expression of a character to indicate the character 's personality , which always makes readers very impressive .
Take Chapter 5 for example . Chapter 5 is the first chapter in the novel to be set in France.The setting involves unutterable misery and filth. Outside Monsieur Defarge's wine-shop in Paris, a cask of wine is dropped and broken. The wine spills over the cobblestones, and people stop what they were doing to drink the wine off the street. When the wine runs out and people return to the activities of their daily lives.

He vividly portrays the hunger and enthusiasm of the crowd .He seems to justify the lower class's desire for a revolution. Yet, he just as dramatically illustrates that the french people's miserable life under the brutality of their so-called aristocracy.

In short, "A Tale of Two Cities," is one of the most successful works of Dickense. Its wonderful story and strong sense of artistic charm, deeply attract the readers around the world, thus , help the readers to achieve a better understanding of that horrible era of the 19th century .