Saturday, January 27, 2007

Charles Dickens is the master of humorous writing . In describing the plight of anguished life, he will not forget all the fun and nature ,thus forming a unique style-"tears in laughter".("笑中带泪"的创作风格) With a skillful use of language, he often seize an action ,an appearance or expression of a character to indicate the character 's personality , which always makes readers very impressive .
Take Chapter 5 for example . Chapter 5 is the first chapter in the novel to be set in France.The setting involves unutterable misery and filth. Outside Monsieur Defarge's wine-shop in Paris, a cask of wine is dropped and broken. The wine spills over the cobblestones, and people stop what they were doing to drink the wine off the street. When the wine runs out and people return to the activities of their daily lives.

He vividly portrays the hunger and enthusiasm of the crowd .He seems to justify the lower class's desire for a revolution. Yet, he just as dramatically illustrates that the french people's miserable life under the brutality of their so-called aristocracy.

In short, "A Tale of Two Cities," is one of the most successful works of Dickense. Its wonderful story and strong sense of artistic charm, deeply attract the readers around the world, thus , help the readers to achieve a better understanding of that horrible era of the 19th century .

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