Saturday, January 27, 2007

I , Robot –The Day Of Tomorrow

Many high-tech components become smaller and smaller, ever faster and cheaper. Like almost as easy to assemble a computer it is to assemble robots. The United States has developed a large number of automatic weapons and machine. After decades they are expected to be put into use on the battlefield. Robots, seeing a day, "Star Wars" scenes of war may become a reality.

At the alarming rate our technology is developing , especially in the scientific field of artificial intelligence , our modern world even the future life will be tremendously changed in a way which our latest technology apply to us human .We will be surrounded by some kind of manlike creatures ,they are robots .Robots can bear inhospitable conditions that we human cannot bear , do things that we human cannot do , such as diving deep into the sea , or repairing the skyscraper by affixing to the outside wall like spider-man . What’s more , they can even “accompany” us ,they talk to us , comfort us , play games with us ,as much like as a person . How can you imagine that will happen ? But indeed and inevitably and definitively that day will be part of our life in the coming future.

You may wonder if robot will replace humankind by using their “super” power one day? In my opinion , this sort of anxiety is groundless . It is us man who creates them . we can apply robot cameras for eyes , a sturdy body , flexible arms , and hands complete with five fingers , but the most essential part we cannot implant into a robot ,is “complexity” ,which I mean a “brain” sophisticated enough to think by itself . Certainly by this kind of brain , we can create ,and this is called “creativity” . On contrary , robot is just a

Product of our creativity , and it is precisely programmed to do what we want it to do . we may be lucky that robot cannot think by himself .

As long as robot cannot teach himself , the doomsday of human beings

Will never come .

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Well said.